27 Bridges

Brand for 27 Bridges
27 Bridges is a small family run craft winery and cider house celebrating the tradition and agriculture of Lancaster County PA. We produce small batches from fresh produce straight from the local orchard.

It all started with a potent, yet peculiar, rhubarb wine crafted by our family's matriarch. Since then, the Davis family vintners have been crafting distinctive products for two generations. Today, aided by a third generation, 27 Bridges proudly carries forward the family legacy with our premium, incomparable ciders, and apple wines.

Locally Sourced. Savor centuries of tradition with every sip of 27 Bridges' apple wines and ciders. Made from locally sourced fruits from Lancaster orchards and berry farms, each glass embodies the authentic essence of Lancaster. Rooted in the rich farming heritage of the Amish and Mennonite communities, often known as the "Plain People", Lancaster defies this moniker with its exceptional produce and attention to quality. Once you experience the taste of our craft wines and ciders, you'll realize Lancaster is far from plain.

Community Engaged. In addition to Lancaster County's stunning orchards, the region boasts a captivating history steeped in legends and intrigue. In celebration of Lancaster County's distinctive allure, we collaborate with local artists to design our unique labels, work with local agencies to spread awareness of community projects, and entertain Columbia Market House visitors with tales of cryptid creatures and other Lancaster legends.

15 S 3rd St
Columbia, PA 17512-1404