Hopped, Full Case (24 cans)

Hopped, Full Case (24 cans)

NY - Hudson River Region
$75.00 / 24 x 12oz Can

Aged on the lees for up to one year, and dry-hopped with whole cone cascade hops, this cider is a lively blend of hoppy flavor and a crisp apple mouth feel.

With a big nose of lemon peel and honeydew melon, this fruit-forward dry cider is both complex and highly crushable!

As with all of our ciders, this one is made from over 100 varieties of apples collected in wild and abandoned orchards throughout New York's Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley.

Brand for Abandoned Hard Cider
Capturing the terroir of New York's Catskills and Hudson Valley with apples from wild, abandoned and small farm orchards.
Abandoned Hard Cider
54 Hunter Road
Parksville, NY 12768

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