Blackbird Berried Cider

Blackbird Berried Cider

WI - Wisconsin
$16.00 / 4 x 12oz Can

  • Alcohol %
Specialty berry-flavored cider blended with the juices of black currant and elderberry. Sweet-tart, richly colored, wild-berry flavor forward. Our best seller.

Brand for Aeppeltreow Winery
Orchard-based [hard] cidery in southeast Wisconsin.
We specialize in making heritage cider and perry from estate grown heirloom and special purpose apples and pears. Sparkling, draft, table, and fortified dessert. We are family owned and run; Milissa runs the still (we are a distillery, too) and paints the label artwork while Charles ferments cider and does the paperwork,
At ÆppelTreow We:
•Are Apple True
•Respect The Land
•Savor The Fruit
•Deliver Unique Flavors
•Make It The Hard Way
Aeppeltreow Winery
1072 288th Avenue
Burlington, WI 53105-9304

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