Viking Mead - Sweet, Sparkling Oaked Traditional Mead

Viking Mead - Sweet, Sparkling Oaked Traditional Mead

CA - Riverside - Temecula Valley
$24.00 / 500 mL Bottle

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Sparkling, sweet mead, aged on oak for 6 months. Made with local meadowfoam blossom honey. Drink like a Viking with our perfectly sweet and supple Viking’s Mjod! 500ml & 8% Alc by vol, must be 21+ to order

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Derek Busch

Vineyard/Orchard Name

Batch Meadery

Brand for Batch Mead
Our mission at Batch Mead is crafting small batch meads and ciders with locally sourced ingredients with authenticity and pride.

Mead is comprised of honey, water, yeast and is quite possibly the oldest fermented beverage in the world. Join us in the mead renaissance by trying a glass of mead and discovering this hidden treasure. #Drink Mead
Batch Mead
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