2019 Wild Meadow

2019 Wild Meadow

VA - Other
$18.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 7.70%
  • Bottling Date Jan 2020
This is the 2019 vintage of our Wild Meadow, only available in certain years due to lack of consistency in the wild apple crop. 2019 was superb! The hot dry summer fall created some wonderful sugar content and flavors in this particular cider.

This year's vintage is 100% wild foraged apples from the farms and forest edges around Highland County. It is an off dry cider but yet fruity character comes through which is sometimes missing in a wild cider. Drink at cellar temperature (mid 50's F) for depth of flavor.


All apples in this cider were from wild trees, meaning they grew from seed and not planted by humans. each tree, coming from seed is a unique variety. This cider was fermented using multiple wine yeast in addition to allowing wild yeast to help ferment, and is a very clean tasting ferment, no "funk" from bacterial growth that is prevalent in most wild ferments. This cider has nice acidity, slight tannins, and at cellar temperature nice apple flavors come through. Truly a good cider.

Winemaker Name

Kirk Billingsley

Vineyard Name

Blue Grass Valley Bank

Brand for Big Fish Cider, Co.
Big Fish Cider, Co. is a microcidery in Monterey, Virginia making ciders using locally grown apples and traditional techniques to create completely new flavors. Our cider is available in a range of off-dry to semi-sweet blends and seasonal offerings.
59 Spruce Street
Monterey, VA 24465

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