2020 Woman's Work

2020 Woman's Work

MI - Lake Michigan Shore
$17.50 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 9.10%
In Colonial times hard cider was by far the most popular drink in America. Even children drank hard cider because it was often safer than water. Back then women were the caretakers of the cider in the household. After tending to their other chores, each fall women picked the apples, concocted blends and saw to every aspect of cider making. This traditional non-sparkling farmhouse cider is a tribute to their work. We hope you enjoy it.


This dry, wine-like, non-sparkling cider tickles the nose with astringency, hints of raisin and pineapple. Fermented and aged in French oak there is just the right balance of acid and tannin to be sipped now but flavors will continue to develop and soften for the next several years in the bottle.

Winemaker Name

Paula Camp

Vineyard Name

Sourced from several Southwest Michigan orchards

Brand for Carriage House Ciders
Carriage House Ciders produces small-batch, handcrafted cider exclusively from Michigan apples. CHC takes advantage of the more than 200 varieties of apples raised in the perfect climate and soil conditions of Southwest Michigan to create interesting, complex, old-world style ciders. Each has its own character please cider lovers and explorers.
Carriage House Ciders
920 North Shore Drive
Benton Harbor, MI 49022

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