2018 1764 Cider Port

2018 1764 Cider Port

VA - Albemarle - Monticello
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$40.00 / 500 mL

  • Alcohol 18.00%
1764 is blended primarily from Black Twig, a complexly aromatic and moderately tannic southern heirloom variety. It is fortified with GoldRush apple eau de vie. Look for fresh apple, caramel, with notes of pumpkin, grass, and melon. Peach with a hint of butter emerge on the lingering finish. This is a warming drink –perfect in front of a roaring fire.

Apple Ports
Fresh pressed juice is frozen and then partially thawed. The first melt is full of sugar, aroma and acid, with an almost syrupy body. This is fermented just a little, allowing the yeast to work their transformational and integrational magic. Fortifying with high proof apple spirit -distilled from a batch of Castle Hill Cider –arrests the fermentation. We then age in Barrel for 1 to 2 years.

Brand for Castle Hill Cider LLC
Welcome to Castle Hill Cider. Our cider makers blend time-honored traditions with modern techniques to bring you refreshing and award-winning Virginia heritage cider. Born of apples grown in our orchard of nearly 7,000 trees, our ciders are dry in style, and free of additives.
Castle Hill Cider LLC
6065 Turkey Sag Rd
Keswick, VA 22947

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