Chase Hill Cider

Brand for Chase Hill Cider
Our cider is a full orchard blend of only our own apples, well adapted to our Northern New England weather, and an expression of the minerals in the land itself. Our orchard is a carefully selected mix of regionally resilient heirloom varieties as well as British and French cultivars. All are tried and true and well suited to our unique location, expressing their individuality with vibrant enthusiasm. The orchard is the culmination of a carefully balanced, holistic, seasonal process, nourished only by farm based compost, rain and spring water.
The fermentation is done in stainless steel, slow and cold, resulting in a dry, full flavored, well rounded apple finish. Bottle conditioning produces a light sparkling cider. Due to its unfiltered nature, sediment is expected.
Serve chilled for a delightful warm weather treat, or at room temperature to further explore its complexities.
Cheers! 7% ABV
Chase Hill Cider
120 Chase Hill Rd
Albany, NH 03818-7207

2021 Orchard Blend

$16.00 / 750 mL Bottle