Cider Corps

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Cider Corps is a veteran owned and operated company built by brothers, Jason, Sgt, USMC (Ret.), and Josh Duren. What started as a hobby for the two is now Arizona’s first fully dedicated cidery and taproom.

While deployed in Afghanistan, Jason suffered two traumatic brain injuries from multiple IED blasts. Upon returning home, he was looking at a long road towards medical retirement and an unknown future. During the retirement process, Jason and Josh began experimenting with cider making as a hobby and therapeutic outlet for Jason. Out of this hobby has come a unique technique for cider making.

This technique earned Cider Corps outstanding reviews from significant people within the beverage and culinary industry, and with these reviews, Jason and Josh were encouraged to move their hobby into a business.

For the two years after deployment, Jason struggled through the medical retirement process. Through hundreds of appointments, frustration with care and struggling to move forward, it became apparent that disabled veterans needed more support. All of these experiences became the crux that propelled Cider Corps into combining the love of crafting cider with the desire to serve and give back to fellow veterans.

Cider Corps released its first two ciders in September 2017. They’ve continue to make more styles while building a taproom that has become a space where everyone can honor great sacrifice of our veterans and raise awareness for the many challenges they face back home.
Cider Corps
31 S Robson Suite 103
Mesa, AZ 85210-1331

Mango Foxtrot

$16.00 / 4 x 12oz Can