Loganberry Hard Cider

Loganberry Hard Cider

NY - Finger Lakes
$10.99 / 4 x 12oz Can

  • Alcohol 5.50%
This unfiltered cider is made with a Belgian Saison yeast and is finished with Loganberry puree. It delivers subtle phenols and is a mildly tart, fruit forward, beautifully colored cider. A great alternative to a Rose'.

A loganberry is a hybrid fruit and is a cross between a raspberry and blackberry. A popular fruit in Western New York, where Cider Creek Hard Cider is based.

Winemaker Name

Cider Creek Hard Cider

Brand for Cider Creek Hard Cider
Cider Creek Hard Cider is the most awarded farm cidery in the United States. We are on a family farm, nestled in the hills of Canisteo, NY. It's our mission to produce high-quality, craft, hard cider with authenticity. We're creative, funky, and progressive in our brewing methods and recipes. We proudly use 100% New York State apples and we never add water, sugar, artificial flavors or sweeteners to our products. We hope you taste the difference.
6459 Cunningham Creek Road
Canisteo, NY 14823

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