Civic Winery & Wines

Brand for Civic Winery & Wines
Amphora, Natural, Organic, Biodynamic and Limited Intervention

Grapes from vineyards farmed with organic practices at a minimum and absolutely no glyphosate use (synthetically produced herbicide).

Allowing the yeast from the vineyard and already present in the winery to ferment the wine. We refer to this as native, spontaneous, and/or uninoculated.

Using minimal amounts of sulfites (preservative), if at all, to keep wine delicious so you can enjoy it wherever you are.

Fermenting and aging as much of our wine as possible in earthen vessels, mostly clay pots (amphorae) and concrete tanks.

Our aim is to make delicious wine from grapes and grapes alone. If we make a decision to add anything or adjust a wine in any way, we will let you know. Transparency is critical so that each of us can make the best decisions we can for ourselves, our family, and our community.
Civic Winery & Wines
1115 Oak Alley
Eugene, OR 97401