2019 Civic Winery Amphora Red Blend

2019 Civic Winery Amphora Red Blend

Red Blend
OR - Applegate Valley
$28.00 / 750 mL Bottle
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  • Alcohol 13.20%
The Vineyard
Cowhorn Vineyard sits in the alluvial fan of the Applegate Valley in southern Oregon. Bill and Barbara Steele’s certified biodynamic 117 acre farm is planted to 25 acres of Rhône varieties – Syrah, Grenache, Roussanne, Marsanne, and Viognier. The remaining acreage is diversely planted to asparagus, cherries, lavender, heirloom orchard fruit, and a hazelnut orchard inoculated with Périgord truffle spores.

The Wine
All of the grapes were handpicked on October 9. In the winery, the grapes were co-fermented with 50% Syrah (whole cluster), 25% Grenache (destemmed), and 25% Viognier (destemmed) in 100% NOVUM amphorae. The Syrah portion was added first, and each amphora was foot tread before layering Grenache and Viognier on top. Fermentation began spontaneously and cap management was performed daily throughout primary fermentation by folding the grapes back into the juice by hand. At a measurement of zero Brix, each amphora was sealed and
oxygen was expelled, allowing the wine to reductively macerate on skins for another 25 days. After 40 days total on skins, each amphora was pressed, and the wine was returned to amphora to age five months before bottling in May 2019.

The Details
Vintage: 2019
Pick date: October 9
Vineyard: Cowhorn Vineyard
Farming: Certified Biodynamic
AVA: Applegate Valley
Varieties: Syrah (50%), Grenache (25%), Viognier (25%)
Yeast: Native
Maceration: 40 days on skins
Whole Cluster: 50% (all of the Syrah)
Elevage: 5 months post pressing in amphorae
ML: Complete
Adjustments: None
ABV: 13.2%

Brand for Civic Winery & Wines
The goal of Civic Winery is to be transparent about our process. Every day each of us make decisions about what to eat and drink, guided by an array of information and personal perception about what is most beneficial to us at
that time. We want to be part of your life as a product you can trust each and every time you enjoy a bottle. We
aim to make delicious wine from grapes and grapes alone. If we make a decision to add anything or adjust a wine
in any way, we will let you know. Transparency is critical so that each of us can make the best decisions we can for
ourselves, our family, and our community.
Civic Winery & Wines
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