Soul Shifter

Soul Shifter

VT - Other
$14.99 / 4 x 16oz Can

  • Alcohol 5.90%
Crisp. But not too crisp. Expand the road you're on with this smooth-riding, easy-drinking elixir. After fermentation, we back sweeten just slightly with our own real cider syrup to achieve a uniquely refreshing crisp flavor profile with just a soulful speck of sweetness. A modern, consciousness-raising, balanced trip. Perfect for shifting into new gear. 5.9%

Brand for Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Inc
One Nation Under A Single Apple Tree
Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Inc
3600 Waterbury Stowe Rd
Waterbury Center, VT 05677

Good Altitude

$14.99 / 4 x 16oz Can