Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery

Brand for Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery
Since 2007, Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery has served the Hood River and PNW communities; offering great beer and cider for all to enjoy. We take a stand for what we believe in, embrace sustainable practices, support the community, and encourage growth. As a "Brewer's Brewery", we create all beer and cider manually, utilizing local ingredients, providing beer and cider that we love, and we know you will too.
8 4th Street
Hood River, OR 97031

Hop Lion (6 pack of 12oz bottles)

$12.00 / 12oz Bottle

Dry Cider (6 pack of 12oz bottles)

$13.00 / 12oz Bottle

2017 Devil's Kreik

$12.00 / 375 mL Bottle

2017 Devil's Cuvee Kriek

$18.00 / 375 mL Bottle

2016 Peche Mode

$12.00 / 375 mL Bottle

2018 Tahoma Kriek

$9.00 / 375 mL Bottle