King in Arms

King in Arms

PA - Lancaster Valley
$10.75 / 500 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 7.30%
PA Farm Show Wood Aged 2nd
Aged on toasted French oak chips and lightly carbonated. Notes of cedar, maple and vanilla. Pairs well with soft or semi-soft cheeses and fatty meats. Produced from apples sourced from Kauffman's Fruit Farm in Lancaster County, PA.

Brand for Dressler Estate
At the heart of any good cider is a healthy dose of curiosity—at least that’s what we found. We’re Brian and Olga Dressler, the husband-and-wife brains and cider makers behind Dressler Estate in Downingtown, PA.

The story of our cidery dates back to 2012, when our genuine interests in the art of cider- and wine-making sparked a hobby of homebrewing, which in turn sparked a long and exciting journey to the formation of Dressler Estate. Through trial and error, not to mention a bit of wine on our ceiling, we found a passion and purpose for creating ciders that were noticeably absent from shelves and taps.

But getting our ciders to distribution wasn’t without a bit of help from the community. It was family, friends and strangers that made our business possible through a generous crowdsourcing loan campaign in 2016. We work day in and day out with that community in mind, and with an eye on supplying a quality product to the region that gives us our quality ingredients.

We’re on a mission to make and celebrate ciders that taste great, finish clean, and push limits.
Dressler Estate
301 Whiteland Ave
Downingtown, PA 19335

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