2019 Rain Watcher

2019 Rain Watcher

PA - Other
$18.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 7.50%
Sometimes when it storms, the only thing to do is watch the rain.

We often like to sit on our front porch to smoke a cigar while watching storms come in. From our front porch, they tend to come from the direction of an orchard five miles west of us where these apples are harvested. We thought Rain Watcher would be a fitting title as this cider was made during this trying season in our world. The storms may be violent and terrifying but they always bring rain which makes our apples, our food, and all of us thrive.

This bottle-conditioned cider is a blend of roughly 50% Gold Rush/Liberty/Winesap and the balance is made up of Golden Russet, Smith's Cider, Pomme Gris, Kingston Black, Harrison, Newtown Pippin, Adams Pearmain, Roxbury Russet, Razor Russet, and Porter's Perfection.

Brand for Dressler Estate
At the heart of any good cider is a healthy dose of curiosity—at least that’s what we found. We’re Brian and Olga Dressler, the husband-and-wife brains and cider makers behind Dressler Estate in Downingtown, PA.

The story of our cidery dates back to 2012, when our genuine interests in the art of cider- and wine-making sparked a hobby of homebrewing, which in turn sparked a long and exciting journey to the formation of Dressler Estate. Through trial and error, not to mention a bit of wine on our ceiling, we found a passion and purpose for creating ciders that were noticeably absent from shelves and taps.

But getting our ciders to distribution wasn’t without a bit of help from the community. It was family, friends and strangers that made our business possible through a generous crowdsourcing loan campaign in 2016. We work day in and day out with that community in mind, and with an eye on supplying a quality product to the region that gives us our quality ingredients.

We’re on a mission to make and celebrate ciders that taste great, finish clean, and push limits.
Dressler Estate
301 Whiteland Ave
Downingtown, PA 19335

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