2017 Hard Pear Cider

2017 Hard Pear Cider

OR - Rogue Valley
$28.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 6.90%
EdenVale Winery is now producing a 100% organic modern pear hard cider from its original 1885 commercial pear orchards located in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon.

The Cider is produced from fresh-pressed estate pears with no added concentrates or sugars. The historic Eden Valley Orchards are planted with Seckel, Comice, Anjou and Bosc varietals. The soils in the Rogue Valley have long been recognized as producing pears with a higher sugar content by varietal than other US regions. This allows our winemaker to produce a very unique hard cider from table pear varietals.Utilizing winemaking techniques and processes, the aromatics and delicate pear flavors are preserved and provide a refreshing and crisp mouthfeel with front to back flavor experience. The finish is slightly sweet/tart despite the cider being fermented dry.The cider has not been filtered to preserve the flavors and is pressurized to a light petillant bubble that when poured creates a lovely effervesce in the glass. The hard cider is best described as a “champagne-style” reserve pear cider with crisp acidity. It's packaging is a champagne-style bottle either 750 mL or375 mL splits with a champagne cork and cage closure.

Winemaker Name

Ashley Campanella

Brand for EdenVale Winery
We make handcrafted wines that express the earth of the Rogue River Valley Oregon and the passion of our winemaker. We work with the finest growers and personally select the vineyards and varietals that best express our region. We are that hard to find, passionate winery that is committed first to the art of winemaking. We barrel and bottle age our wines before release, so you know as you open a bottle of EdenVale, you are tasting wines at their best.
EdenVale Winery
2310 Voorhies Road
Medford, OR 97501

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