2017 Old Marauder

2017 Old Marauder

NY - New York
$15.00 / 750 mL Bottle

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Old Marauder combines attributes of McIntosh, Cortland, Ida Red and Jonagold apple varieties to create a hard cider that gives off crisp apple notes with a clean finish. Because it has no residual sugar, it complements a wide range of foods. The apples selected for this blended hard cider have been widely available in Williamson and the surrounding Wayne County, N.Y., area for decades. Old Marauder represents the agricultural history of the town where Embark Craft Ciderworks is located and where the cider makers were raised. These apples have been part of the town’s collective pride and culture for generations. Awards: Silver, New World Cider – Modern Category, The Great Lakes Cider & Perry Competition (2015)

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Embark Craft Ciderworks was founded by apple growers, passionate about farming and showcasing unique flavor profiles in craft ciders. As farmers first and foremost, we know it’s the quality and uniqueness of the apples we use that make a great cider. We trust the apples (and in some cases, other fruits and natural ingredients) to provide the exceptional flavor you’ve come to love. No artificial ingredients needed.
Embark Craft Ciderworks
6895 Lake Ave
Williamson, NY 14589-9570

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