2019 Jalu Still

2019 Jalu Still

St. Croix
VT - Other
$28.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 8.30%
apples, grapes, wild cultures of yeast + bacteria: all from VT

A medley of foraged cider apples and Vermont grown grapes were used in the creation of this 2019 delight. 55% macerated cider and 45% white, red and grey grapes (Frontenac Gris, Frontenac Blanc and St. Croix), this still apple grape wine brings a soft velvety depth beneath a rise of cranberry-cherry tart to your table. By allowing apple juice to flow forth from the weight of ground-up apples themselves, and extending the length of maceration, a smooth and elegant baseline emerges, so soft it can cross the threshold and express as apple-infused water. So we brought in the higher acids and bolder flavors of three different alpine grapes grown on three different vineyards in a co-fermentation with foraged apples and out came Jalu, a Rainbow Body.

Brand for Fable Farm Fermentory
Fable Farm & Fermentory is a farm-based winery producing aged wines and vinegars. We work with local flora, microorganisms, and the overall Ecology to co-create the character of our living wines. We produce wine primarily from apples, pears, grapes, honey, tree saps, and the blending thereof, while sometimes incorporating other small fruits and herbs that we glean and grow in the verdant foothills of central Vermont.

We host festive gatherings on our farm to celebrate the fruits of culture and humanity in Reverence for the Earth.
Fable Farm Fermentory
1525 Royalton Turnpike
Barnard, VT 05031

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