Farnum Hill Ciders

Brand for Farnum Hill Ciders
We are a mom and pop orchard and cidery, Louisa Spencer and Stephen Wood, growing apples on the same New Hampshire land since 1965. We make dry or barely off-dry Farnum Hill Ciders from a wide range of cider apples grown here at Poverty Lane Orchards. Back in the late 80's our market for U.S. Extra Fancy McIntosh had shriveled, so Steve started planting nasty-tasting bittersweet and bittersharp cider apple varieties for no market at all. By the late '90's those inedible, unsaleable apples had forced Farnum Hill Ciders into existence. After twenty-plus years of attention to the flavors, aromas, and blending effects of cider-apple juices, our massive expertise says: there's much more to learn. Now we grow a dozen or so varieties for cider. Some originated in England or France, some over here. Some were selected/bred for fermentation, some have no documented cider history. But they all bring dynamic, intriguing complexity to dry ciders. And they all, wherever they originated, grow to peak quality here. If we woke up on a different piece of land, we'd have to re-start learning from scratch.

Farnum Hill Ciders
98 Poverty Lane
Lebanon, NH 03766-2700