Farms to Cider

Farms to Cider

CA - Sonoma County
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$54.00 / 12 x 16oz Can

  • Alcohol 7.40%
Made from a wide variety of apples from over 100 orchards in Sonoma County, Farms-to-Cider is a bright amber with a nose that offers up aromas of white tea and wildflowers with hints of honeysuckle and cedar. A medium-bodied cider with soft, barely-perceivable sweetness, Farms-to-Cider showcases a light and pleasing bitterness with touches of umami sure to make your mouth water. Proceeds from Farms to Cider will be donated to Farm to Pantry, a Sonoma County organization dedicated to eradicating food insecurity.


Brand for Golden State Cider
Crafting apple driven, dry ciders in Healdsburg, California.
Golden State Cider
1451 Grove Street
Healdsburg, CA 95448

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