Mighty Dry

Mighty Dry

CA - Sonoma County
$39.00 / 12 x 16oz Can

  • Alcohol 6.30%
Mighty Dry is made with 100% fresh-pressed apple juice and fermented with Champagne yeast. Juicy, freshly cut apple aromatics balance perfectly with a bright, crisp taste to produce our flagship Cider. It's our most versatile and tastes amazing by itself, paired with food, mixed into cocktails, and even used an ingredient in recipes. Try pairing Mighty Dry with oysters, fish tacos, or paella. It's crafted to be the perfect brunch or dining al fresco bevvy. Always gluten-free and vegan-friendly.
6.3% ABV

*CRV is included in item price.

Brand for Golden State Cider
Crafting apple driven, dry ciders in Healdsburg, California.
Golden State Cider
1451 Grove Street
Healdsburg, CA 95448

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