1876 Heirloom Applewine Cuvée

1876 Heirloom Applewine Cuvée

CA - Mendocino County - Anderson Valley
$9.99 / 500 mL

  • Alcohol 5.70%
CA North Coast Wine 98 Sunset Magazine Wine 94
This select blend of fresh heirloom apples tree-ripen in our heritage orchards, creating this classic traditional cider. Refreshing and crisp with luscious layers of ripe apple, this classic French inspired-style cider captures the ripe apple aromatics of harvest time, along with rich earthiness, and florals. Discover notes of caramel, stone fruit and rose. Enjoy lightly chilled. Medium-dry. Lightly sparkling, this cider is smooth, crisp and refreshing with a medium finish. Over a dozen special kinds of apples were selected for this proprietary cuvée. Each variety contributes to complexity, flavor, tannin and acid making for an exceptionally balanced layers of flavor and a classic cider.

Pair with: brunch, spicy entrees like tika masala, chicken mole, asian dishes.smoked gouda, caramel milk chocolate

Certified Organic Apples.
Certified Real California Cider®.—100% California Apples.
100% Estate -Grown, Produced, Bottled.
Heirloom Apples.
Gluten Free
Sustainably Farmed

Winemaker Name


Vineyard Name

Gowan Famiy Orchards

Brand for Gowan's Heirloom Cider
Gowan's Heirloom Cider
The Gowan family bottles world-class apple-wine ciders right where their organic heirloom apples grow, exclusively on the Gowan’s own prized orchards, established in 1876, Philo, CA. These authentic farm-to-table ciders develop award-winning flavor as heirloom apples slowly ripen on the tree, and are then estate bottled in small batches right at the orchard to capture the pure natural taste in every bottle. Made from certified organic apples, gluten free, vegan, non-GMO. Just 100 calories per 8 oz serving, on average. Certified Real California Cider, estate grown, produced and bottled at Gowan's Family Orchard, in Mendocino's Anderson Valley.
Gowan's Heirloom Cider
6400 Hwy 128
Philo, CA 95466

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