Standard 12pk (Shipping Included)

Standard 12pk (Shipping Included)

NY - Other
$40.00 / 12 x 12oz Can

  • Alcohol 5.00%
You will receive 12 x 12oz cans (shipping included).

STYLE | Standard Cider

NOTES | Standard Cider is a crisp, full bodied cider that reminds you of small batch cider from your local farm stand. Full flavored and with two thirds the sugar of our largest competitors, this cider is as rugged as the northern land it’s produced in.

NY Apples, Filtered Water, Bittersweet Apple Concentrate, Malic Acid, Sulfites (to preserve freshness), Carbon Dioxide.

140 Calories, 12g Carbs, 8g Sugar, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly

Brand for Graft Cider
Inspired Sour Ciders from the Hudson Valley!
Graft Cider
218 Ann St
Newburgh, NY 12550-5416

Field Day (12 Pk Shipping Included)

$50.00 / 12 x 12oz Can

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