2020 Culper Ring

2020 Culper Ring

NY - Other
$13.50 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 6.50%
Made completely from the Northern Spy. Culper Ring is our favorite cider, is slightly naturally carbonated with a hint of sweetness coupled with just the right tartness. This cider is bottle conditioned so some slight sediment may be found. Enjoy this cider with your favorite meal or just sitting with friends.

Brand for Green Sun Orchard & Cidery LLC
We are a small family owned Orchard and Winery located in Western Delaware County, New York. We currently grow mostly heirloom varieties with a smaller selection of dual purpose apples. Our small batch ciders and wines are made from a careful selection of both apples grown on our farm and wild apples found close by.
Green Sun Orchard & Cidery LLC
Po Box 6 7109 County Highway 27
Trout Creek, NY 13847

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