Lost Boy Cider

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Located in Old Town Alexandria, Lost Boy Cider is the region’s first urban farm cidery located inside the beltway. Offering a myriad of forward thinking “dry” modern style ciders, Lost Boy is taking the art and science behind cidermaking to the next level. By embracing the history and significance of the Virginia apple and pushing the envelope of what is possible, Lost Boy uses an exclusive blend of dessert and heirloom apples from the Shenandoah Valley for its creations. Our cider is dry, contains little sulfites, and is always 100% fresh pressed Virginia apples from local growers. Customers can visit the cidery’s open air 2,000 sq ft tasting room for sweeping views of the production space which includes all that wonderful stainless steel used in the fermentation process. Kids and dogs welcome!
Lost Boy Cider
317 Hooffs Run Drive
Alexandria, VA 22314

LBC Tap Handle

$75.00 /

2021 Mixed 6-Pack

$17.00 / 6 x 12oz Can

2021 Comeback Kid

$16.00 / 6 x 12oz Can

2021 Wingman

$16.00 / 6 x 12oz Can

2021 Hazy Hopped

$16.00 / 6 x 12oz Can

2021 Pumpkin Head

$17.50 / 6 x 12oz Can

2021 Sage Advice

$18.00 / 4 x 16oz Can

2021 Oktoberfest

$18.00 / 4 x 16oz Can

2021 En Fuego

$16.00 / 6 x 12oz Can

2021 Mixed 4-Pack

$12.00 / 4 x 12oz Can


$0.50 /

2021 Passionfruit Seltzer

$10.00 / 4 x 12oz Can