2020 Elderberry Mead

2020 Elderberry Mead

VT - Other
$19.25 / 375 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.20%
  • Bottling Date 03/07/21
Tasting Notes: A sweet wine well balanced by the strong flavors of elderberries. Elderberries are reputed to be a great immune booster, and from the fruity, floral, and earthy flavor of this mead you could be convinced. On the nose there are red berries, floral notes, and honey. On the palate elderberries are prominent, honey lingers on the forepalate, and a gentian-like bitterness hangs on the backpalate encouraging another sip. This is a well balanced complex wine well suited to any occasion.


Organic elderberries from Thornhill Farm in Greensboro, Vermont, raw honey from Northwoods Apiaries in Westfield, Vermont, and spring water were fermented on the skins for two weeks then pressed. Fermentation continued on Hungarian oak for six months before the finished product was bottled.

Winemaker Name

Andrew Becker

Vineyard Name

Montpelier Vineyards

Brand for Montpelier Vineyards LLC
Montpelier Vineyards is a certified organic vineyard making natural, organic, unfiltered wines without sulfites. We also produce Mead with local honey, Apple Wine with our apples and apples sourced from local Vermont orchards.
Montpelier Vineyards LLC
2446 Elm St
Montpelier, VT 05652

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