Prism Trio 3 Bottle Set

Prism Trio 3 Bottle Set

$61.00 MSRP

You will find a prism of vibrant flavors in this trio featuring a bottle of each of our Pink, Red and Purple Prism Wines. Go on this flavor adventure through three unique wines curated to make the perfect rotating trio of flavors in your glass. Like craft beer, craft wine should be fun and easy to enjoy. Drink it, and share it.

Prism Trio includes a single 750ml bottle of each of the following wines:
2019 Pink Prism: Rose Wine. Tasting notes of Rose Petal & Green Apple. Alcohol 12.70%
2016 Red Prism: Red Table Wine. Tasting notes of Dark Fruit & Hint of Vanilla Oak. Alcohol 13.80%
2019 Purple Prism: Pinot Noir. Tasting notes of Raspberry & Cinnamon. Alcohol 13.50%

Total Package includes: 3 x 750ml bottles

Brand for Night Shift Brewing
Night Shift Brewing is a craft winery located in Massachusetts.
Night Shift Brewing
1 Lovejoy Wharf
Ste 101
Boston, MA 02114

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