North American Press

Brand for North American Press
North American Press works exclusively within the beautiful spectrum of native grapes of North America and hybrids thereof. All of the wine grapes have at minimum 50% of their DNA from indigenous grapes.

It is our belief that Native American grapes are severely misunderstood and under appreciated. The wines made from these grapes can have a wider flavor profile than European grapes and they deserved to be acknowledged, especially when made with respect and thoughtfulness.

Native American grapes also have inherent disease resistance and therefore need to be a part of the future of viticulture, if sustainability it to be taken seriously. When grown in California, most of these grapes will not need any chemical fungicides whatsoever, organic or not.

A portion of the proceeds for every wine or cider goes back to support a different local non-profit determined to conserve local wetlands, revitalize native flora and fauna, or support Indigenous cultures of California.
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