Wulf Kitty - 12 Cans

Wulf Kitty - 12 Cans


This cider is infused with tart cherries from Western New York, fresh ginger, and tangerine zest. It’s medium-sweet with just a bit of tartness from the cherries and a light amount of spice from the ginger. 5% ABV

Pack of 12, 12 oz cans

Brand for North Country Hard Cider, LLC
We make an all-natural craft cider; one that maintains and highlights the intricate flavors of the apples we use. Our ciders are neither traditionally dry nor extra-sweet and highly processed. Instead, our ciders are slightly sweet, with a touch of tartness, a complex flavor profile, and incredible drinkability. We use only apples and yeast and do not add sulfites, additives, or preservatives. The cider is never filtered. This practice allows us to highlight cider’s pure, fresh, flavor.
3 Front Street
Unit 160 Lower Mill
Rollinsford, NH 03869

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