Old Hill Cider

Brand for Old Hill Cider
The founding of Old Hill Cidery was a joining of our love for food and drink and our devotion to keeping our farm relevant and sustainable for generations to come.
Our process of making cider calls for an integration of art, experience, science, forward-thinking and hope.
From orchard blossom to bottle, we have carefully crafted more than ten ciders. Our cidermaking team continually experiments and often presents new, small-batch ciders. We encourage you to visit often and follow our social media avenues to find the latest releases.
There’s something for everyone.
Old Hill Cider
17768 Honeyville Road
Timberville, VA 22853-2102

2022 Farmhand

$13.00 / 7 x 50 mL Bottle

2021 Virginia Honey Ginger

$16.50 / 6 x 12oz Can

2022 Yesteryear

$13.00 / 750 mL Bottle

2021 Cidermaker’s Barrel

$15.00 / 750 mL Bottle

2021 Virginia Wassail

$14.00 / 4 x 16oz Can

2022 Virginia Radler

$16.50 / 6 x 12oz Can