2019 Bada Bing Cider

2019 Bada Bing Cider

WA - Other
$10.00 / 22oz Bottle

  • Alcohol 7.00%
  • Bottling Date 10/08/2019
Our Cherry cider is made from 100% Washington-grown apples and cherries. No artificial colors, flavors, or fruit concentrate.
Upon opening, the sturdy scent of freshly-picked autumn apples wafts up with confidence, hitting the nose with the warm familiarity of brightly colored leaves and crisp fall air. The cherry scrumpy runs like red satin down the throat—smooth and uninterrupted. The semi-sweet, sugar-kissed apple flavor hits first, and then transitions and finishes dry as it reveals a hint of tart, ripe cherry.


This is a cider that is close to my heart. It is our first cider and our best seller!

Winemaker Name

Casey Oberg

Vineyard Name

Ole Swede Cider

Brand for Ole Swede
We are a small Cider company in Tonasket,WA. We are a heritage, branch to bottle style company.
Ole Swede
72 N Oberg Road
Tonasket, WA 98855

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