Pelayo Cider

Brand for Pelayo Cider
Wild Fermented Natural Cider

At Pelayo Cider we make two products a year - Pelayo Cider and Pelayo Cider Reserve.

From harvest to bottling we don't add or remove anything, relying exclusively on the expression of the apples themselves. The result is pure, unadulterated cider – alive, complex, and overwhelmingly drinkable. When you try our cider you can be sure what you are tasting is nothing but apples and time. Enjoy!

Inspired by Asturias | Made in California
3761 Fairview Rd
Hollister, CA 95023-9323

2021 Pelayo Cider

$40.00 / 8 x 250 mL Can

2021 Pelayo Cider Reserve

$48.00 / 3 x 500 mL Bottle