Ploughman Cider

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Making cider in the heart of Adams County, PA

Ploughman farm ciders are as unique as the place in which they are created. For over a century, the Wenk family has tended the deep, fertile soils of our orchards in Adams County, PA – one of the finest fruit growing regions in the United States.

Each year at Three Springs Fruit Farm, we cultivate apple varieties specifically for our cidery. We work with American heirlooms like Spitzenburg, Golden Russet, and Stayman and select apples like Dabinett, Stoke Red, and Kingston Black for their bittersharp and bittersweet flavor profiles. Every year the apples we use for cider are a little different, which adds layers of complexity to the cider and connection to the farm.

In addition to ciders we also make perries, and other fruit wines from peaches, chokeberries, pears, and fine grapes. Here at Ploughman, we embrace the "frontier" mentality – an eagerness to try new things, but always with authenticity to quality. We are not purists, but we will never cut corners and never use engineered essences, flavors, or artificial nonsense. Our eagerness to experiment with new things is almost completely farm based – we use whatever is exceptional and abundant at Three Springs Fruit Farm on any given year.
Ploughman Cider
1606 Bendersville Wenksville Road
Aspers, PA 17304-9658

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2021 Churchyard

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Harrison SVC

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