2017 Bard 187ml

2017 Bard 187ml

ME - Other
$7.80 / 187 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 11.00%
We're calling it still, it's somewhat perlant. Semi dry. Luscious fruit. Way more body than you would normally expect from a cider. To make this cider we boiled down juice on our maple syrup evaporator and let it ferment in barrels for 2 years. It's 2/3 Gray Pearmain, a Maine native from Fairfield, and 1/3 wild pippins from Newburgh. The cider is a tribute to Sean Miller, who is a great friend and the official Orchard Bard of Rocky Ground. The label is one of his collages. Some people have said that it is the best cider they've ever had.

Brand for Rocky Ground Cider
Hard cider made with wild and heirloom apples foraged from Maine's countryside.
Rocky Ground Cider
2566 Kennebec Rd
Newburgh, ME 04444

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