2020 Nehou

2020 Nehou

WA - Columbia Valley
$18.00 / 500 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 7.50%
An outstanding bittersweet variety, we are happy
to announce our fist single-varietal Nehou.
Originating in France, its quality as a cider apple
is esteemed in England as well, and we are glad
to have it in our own orchard in Washington
State. With its clear tannin and low acid, Nehou
makes a classic old-world bittersweet cider. The
apples develop complex aromatic character with
extended ripening in the cool fall weather.

Dry and mild, notes of sweet spice mingle with
subtle brightness over a refreshing astringency.

Brand for Snowdrift Cider Co.
We craft our ciders from great cider apples that we grow on our orchard in sunny East Wenatchee, WA. Our incredible region gives our trees the ideal conditions to grow apples packed with the flavors necessary to produce fine ciders. Hot sunny summers and cold snowy winters result in apples that mature with incredible aromatics and delicious flavors. When ripened to perfection, we pick these apples and craft them with the utmost care into fine cider blends, resulting in rich ciders full of delicious complexity.
Snowdrift Cider Co.
277 S Ward
East Wenatchee, WA 98802

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