Son of a Bear Ciders

Brand for Son of a Bear Ciders
SON OF A BEAR ciders are produced and bottled by Teaghlaigh Vineyard in Rapidan, Virginia. Teaghlaigh Vineyard is owned and operated by the McMahon family. “McMahon” means “son of a bear” in Irish Gaelic. “Teaghlaigh” means “family” in Gaelic. It is pronounced “tay-la.” That’s what we’re about: 7 adults, 4 children (and counting) all working on our family vineyard. The McMahons infuse their Irish heritage and United States Air Force foundation into unique Virginia ciders.
22344 Clarks Mountain Road
Rapidan, VA 22733

Bear Force One

$2.50 / 12oz Bottle

Bourbon Bearcules

$3.00 / 12oz Bottle

Rivet Bear Amber

$2.50 / 12oz Bottle