2020 Beti - 2 Four Packs

2020 Beti - 2 Four Packs


Oregon - Columbia Gorge

BETI - "always" in Basque - is always bright, always fresh, and never sweet. Fermentation takes place spontaneously with native yeast. The cider is aged for 6 months exclusively in stainless steel to produce a cider that is endlessly crushable. Beti is bright, effervescent and has just a hint of funk, making it the perfect always-in-the-fridge cider.

2 Four Packs of 12oz Cans each

6% ABV

Brand for Son Of Man
Son Of Man makes Basque style cider in the Columbia River Gorge.

Oregon Apples. Wild yeast. Spontaneous Ferment.
Son Of Man
160 Ne Herman Creek Lane
Suite 102
Cascade Locks, OR 97014

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