Lucid Dry - $7.99 / bottle

Lucid Dry - $7.99 / bottle

WA - Other
$23.99 / 3 x 500 mL Bottle

7.1% ABV. A perfect all weather dry cider. A radiant blend of traditional bittersweet varietals and culinary apples. Fermented with white wine yeast and blended for a champagne-esque profile with a dry, lingering citrus brightness.

Brand for Stir Cider Co.
We're combining traditional and modern approaches to cider. We love working with farmers that grow heritage and heirloom apples varietals, and aren't afraid to dream up radiant flavor combinations using only fresh-pressed fruits and herbs.
Stir Cider
575 Menlo Dr.
Ste 6
Rocklin, CA 95765
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2018 Crimson - $10.99 / bottle

$32.99 / 3 x 500 mL Bottle
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