2019 Thomas Brothers Hard Cider - GRAVENSTEIN

2019 Thomas Brothers Hard Cider - GRAVENSTEIN

CA - Sonoma County
$23.99 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol %
  • pH 3.54
  • Titratable Acid 8.49g/L as
  • Bottling Date 10/05/2019
2019 US Open Cider Gold
GOLD MEDAL WINNER! Why wait for a special occasion this cider has been aged to perfection and is ready to be enjoyed today! This cider has a dry finish. Gravenstein apples are hand-picked, pressed, slow fermented and aged in neutral red wine oak barrels. Not cutting any corners we bottle condition, rack, riddle and disgorge in the traditional champagne method. Notes of citrus and honeysuckle are lifted by an approachable effervescence. The unmistakable Gravenstein tartness is complemented by hints of melon and completes with DRY FINISH. The Gravenstein is a Danish apple first planted in Sonoma County, CA in 1811 by Russian fur trappers. They are difficult to grow, extremely delicate and easily perishable, making them particularly hard to come by. This apple has long been celebrated for its unique and exceptional taste, having a crisp and juicy texture and a flavor that is aromatic and full of old-fashioned, sweet, tart flavor.


Single Varietal, Methode Champenoise, Gold Medal Winner at 2019 US Open Cider Championship

Maker Name

Thomas Henry

Brand for Thomas Brothers Hard Cider Company
At Thomas Brothers, we make damn good cider, the way it’s meant to be --- Delicious, pure and simple.

More than friends - like brothers, two Thomas's brought together early in life through the hands of fate reconnect to their Sonoma County roots to bring you the apple in its most quintessential form.
P.o. Box 796
Forestville, CA 95436-0796

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