2022 Blood Brothers

2022 Blood Brothers

CA - San Diego County
$15.00 / 500 mL Bottle

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An off-dry honey and apple mead with the addition of cranberry and boysenberry.


Distinctive fruit characteristics on the nose, followed by tart acid from the cranberry and a hint of sweet from the boysenberry. Reminiscent of a lambic.

Maker Name

Vince Obarski

Brand for Twisted Horn Mead & Cider
"Old world style with a twist" is our motto here at award winning Twisted Horn Mead & Cider. We are San Diego County's first meadery/cidery and strive to create the finest expressions of mead and cider that can be found, and specialize in crafting primarily lower ABV beverages while still preserving bold flavors. We will often add a touch of carbonation to further accentuate the aromatics and flavor profile further enhancing the experience. We hope you enjoy our new twist on an age old favorite. SKÅL!!!
Twisted Horn Mead & Cider
1042 La Mirada Ct.
Vista, CA 92081-7874

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