2021 Blood Brothers

2021 Blood Brothers

CA - San Diego County
$14.00 / 500 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 10.70%
An off-dry honey and apple mead with the addition of cranberry and boysenberry.


Distinctive fruit characteristics on the nose, followed by tart acid from the cranberry and a hint of sweet from the boysenberry. Reminiscent of a lambic.

Winemaker Name

Vince Obarski

Brand for Twisted Horn Mead & Cider
"Old world style with a twist" is our motto here at award winning Twisted Horn Mead & Cider. We strive to create the finest expressions of mead and cider that can be found, and specialize in crafting lower alcohol beverages while still preserving bold flavors. We then add a touch of carbonation to further accentuate the aromatics and flavor profile. We hope you enjoy our new twist on an age old favorite. Cheers!!!
Twisted Horn Mead & Cider
1042 La Mirada Ct.
Vista, CA 92081

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