Winterport Winery

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The Winterport Winery, owned by Michael and Joan Anderson, opened its doors in the fall of 2001 but it really had its beginning in the Christmas gift of a home winemaking kit some 37 years earlier. What was a hobby then has now become a full time work and a family involved business - what used be stored in the family basement now occupies the 3200 sq. ft. winery and 1100 sq. ft. tasting room.
Our tasting room is a wonderful place to sample some of our wines. Come also to browse through our retail store and find that unique gift idea such as wine related items or something for that hard-to-shop for person.
Come in and meet us. You might see some of the family here or some of our friends who are all part of Winterport Winery.
Winterport Winery
279 S Main St
Winterport, ME 04496-3000

Pear Cider

Excluded from Discounts
$3.59 / 12oz Can

Crackling Cranberry

$20.50 / 750 mL

Baker Road Blueberry

Excluded from Discounts
$3.59 / 12oz


$14.50 / 750 mL

Pear (Dry)

$16.50 / 750 mL


$14.50 / 750 mL

Orchard Blush

$14.50 / 750 mL

Blueberry (Dry)

$16.50 / 750 mL


$16.50 / 750 mL


$16.50 / 750 mL

Raspberry Rain

$11.50 / 375 mL

Berry Chocolate

$15.50 / 375 mL

The Flying Dutchman

$20.50 / 500 mL

Winter Gold

$23.50 / 375 mL