Keeved Cider by Renaissance Orchards (2017)

Keeved Cider by Renaissance Orchards (2017)

WA - Puget Sound
$17.00 / 750 mL Bottle
$21.00 MSRP

  • Alcohol 3.80%
  • Bottling Date 2017
2020 Gold Medal 2019 Gold Medal
GOLD MEDAL (2020) Sip Magazine Best of the Northwest Cider Competition (Heritage Cider).

GOLD MEDAL (2019) and BEST IN CLASS III (2019) GLINTCAP (International Cider Competition) Traditional Cider – Sweet

SILVER MEDAL (2018) GLINTCAP (International Cider Competition) Traditional Cider – Sweet

This lightly carbonated cider is delightfully fragrant with excellent aromas, and has a balance of sweetness, acidity, and tannins that finish with a rich complex caramel finish and good phenolics that are indicative of French Ciders.

This pure bittersweet apple cider was grown and fermented by the cidermaker in Ferndale WA using wild yeast and ancient French cidermaking methods called Keeving to make what the French call Cidre Bouché. No added flavors, colors, concentrates.


Fruit: 100% French Bittersweet Cider Apples
Tannins: Medium to High
Phenolic Profile: Medium to High
Dryness/Astringency: Medium
Acidity & Tartness: Low to Mild
Sweetness Style: Doux (Medium Sweetness)
Color: Rich Iridescent Orange

Vineyard Name

Renaissance Orchards

Brand for Renaissance Orchards
In 2007 we planted Renaissance Orchards at the Pacific Northwest Coast of Ferndale Washington.This is a blessed cider apple growing location because unlike the rest of North America...and the world; the year-round maritime climate and terroir is effectively identical to that of Normandy France. This match is important because since the Middle Ages most premium ciders have originated from there. In this ‘Little Normandy’ we grow a diverse palette of over 300 different special cider apples so the same rich-aromatic flavors, full body, and rich mouthfeel of premium French Ciders shine-through in our versions.

The heraldic apple logo for Renaissance Orchards pays tribute to the growers and cidermakers of Normandy and Brittany France who have spent centuries breeding the best cider apples and mastering fermentation methods. It also symbolizes our ongoing pursuit of
"Reviving Premium Cider with European Bittersweet Apples."
Renaissance Orchards
5329 Olson Road
Ferndale, WA 98248