Sparkling Cider Traditional Method

Sparkling Cider Traditional Method

KY - Kentucky
$18.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol %
  • pH 3.4
  • Titratable Acid 7 g/L
Traditional Method sparkling cider features apples grown and fermented at the University of Kentucky's research orchard and winery in Lexington, KY. Featuring a blend of apples including Gold Rush, Redfield, Grimes Golden, King David, Imperial Red Delicious, Limbertwig, Golden Russet and Roxbury Russett. The dosage was an apple eau de vie from Wise Bird Cider.


Honey, melon and pear.

Brand for Wise Bird Cider Co.
Wise Bird Cider is a small, family-run business committed to crafting small-batch heritage ciders made with a focus on tradition and quality from the best apples we can get our hands on. We believe that great apples make great ciders and we source as many apples as we can from Kentucky but we also seek out harder to find, cider-specific apples from our neighbors in Ohio and Virginia when we need to. We are committed to our community, to Lexington, and to Kentucky. We believe in staying as local as possible for as much as possible. We believe in being good people, hiring good people and that giving back to our community makes our world a better place.
Wise Bird Cider Co.
104 Cherokee Park
Lexington, KY 40503-1304

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