2022 Suspended In Amber

2022 Suspended In Amber

NH - New Hampshire
$28.00 / 750 mL Bottle

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Amber cider wine shimmering with autumnal sunset energy! White grape skins & stems from 5 different vineyards: Catabwa, White Concord, Sevyal Blanc, La Crescent, Itasca, St. Pepin,  Frontenac Gris, Brianna. Apples from 100 yrs old trees in an abandoned orchard,  all types, mostly dessert apples but some cider too. Wild/spontaneous fermentation :) The apples & pears were ground up into a mash, then all the grape skins & stems mentioned above went into the mash. 25% of the volume was removed and pressed, and that juice added back into the co-maceration to make it easier to manage the cap. Punch downs once a day for 4 weeks, then pressed and bottled as pet nat. Bottled 2/17/23, Disgorged 9/6/23. All credit to Ryan Williams for this cuvee! Ingredients: Apples, pears, grape skins & stems, sulfites (6ppm)

Brand for NOK VINO
NOK VINO farms vineyards using ecological techniques and crafts vivid, soulful wines from grapes and apples.
82 Currier Rd
Concord, NH 03301-7905

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