2023 Miombo Winter Harvest

2023 Miombo Winter Harvest

MI - Michigan
$27.99 / 375 mL Bottle

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The Central Miombo woodlands are a remarkably diverse biosphere in Central Africa. In Tanzania, honey is sustainably gathered from tropical forests with an incredible variety of flowering plants. In their winter months (our summer), the forest explodes with new flowers, and the bees make an amazing wildflower honey from them. The honey, and resulting mead, is floral, tropical and complex, with notes of citrus, melon and spices. Miombo Winter Harvest pairs great with fresh fruits, summer salads, charcuterie and artisanal soft cheeses. We hope you enjoy this unique mead.

Brand for Fourth Coast Ciderworks, LLC
Our hard cider brands are canned

-Bedeviled (tart cherry rounded with vanilla) ABV 6.5%

-Jamboree (Blackberry with a hint of basil) ABV 6.5%

-Liquid Sunshine (honey with a touch of lemon) ABV 6.5%

Our sparkling Sangria lines are canned

- Tropical Peach Sangria Spritz (White)ABV 6%

-Berry Citrus Sangria Spritz (red) ABV 6%

Our meads are bottled at 375 ml
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