Porters Pet Nat

Porters Pet Nat

OR - Willamette Valley - Willamette Valley
$14.00 / 500 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 6.50%
Single varietal Porters Perfection, slowly wild fermented over the course of a winter, finishing fermentation in the bottle. Naturally sparkling, semi-sweet pet-nat with aromas of spicy honeycomb, accompanied by flavors of candy corn and caramel apple. Finishing with lasting grip.

Brand for Wildcraft Cider Works
At WildCraft Cider Works, we pride ourselves on developing innovative, artisanal dry ciders inspired by traditional and wild methodology. We insist on whole fruit and botanicals grown in Oregon to create pure ciders without artificial flavorings, sulfites or added sweeteners. WildCraft cider is uniquely dry cider unpasteurized & bottle conditioned. We consider ourselves stewards of the outdoors and always act consciously to ensure that our ingredients are regional.
Wildcraft Cider Works
232 Lincoln St
Eugene, OR 97401-2544

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