2018 Still Falls the Rain

2018 Still Falls the Rain

NY - Hudson River Region
$22.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 8.20%
  • Bottling Date 8/2019
Anything but still, Still Falls the Rain is an elegant Methode Champenoise cider made of organic Goldrush, wild Catskill crabapples and untreated Esopus Empire and Idareds. Soft tannins and medium acidity. Undisgorged. Open Slowly. Expect Sediment.

Brand for Metal House Cider
At Metal House Cider we are dedicated to creating small-batch ciders reflective of the terroir where we live and work, that is the Town of Esopus, in the Hudson Valley, New York. Our ciders are made in the methode champenoise with a lot of toil and love and time. All the apples we use are sourced from either untreated/abandoned orchards including the one we live on, or the historic Esopus orchards we are hoping to resuscitate following biointensive/biodynamic protocols, and the occasional wild catskill crab. All aspects tree-to-label are done in house by co-owners and cidermakers Matt DiFrancesco and Kimberly Kae.
Po Box 62
Esopus, NY 12429

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